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NIDO (also written 'Nido') is a range of powdered milks manufactured by Nestlé. The range claims to offer "nutrition solutions for each stage of childhood".

Usage examples of "nido".

As they were being lowered Thorby looked at the ship nearest them, Free Trader El Nido, Garcia clan.

Thorby did not ask Loeen what she had done in El Nido, but it did open his eyes to the fact that he was playing the leading role in a courtship without having known it.

I UNO El ave y el nido Santo Domingo, 1856-1861 THE STORY OF MY life starts with the story of my country, as I was born six years after independence, a sickly child, not expected to live.

I called the house, the City Hall Warrants office and Information for the number of the El Nido Hotel.

I called the house, University squadroom and the El Nido Hotel, with no success.

Benzedrine use, his file room at the El Nido Hotel and the fact that his cohabitation was chaste.

Russ and Harry kept putting in straight eights at the Bureau and in the field, spending evenings at the El Nido, going over the master file.

Russ and Harry kept the El Nido file room intact, continuing to work overtime hours on the Short investigation.

I drove to the El Nido, badged the desk clerk and told him he had a new tenant.

We drove to the El Nido and walked up to the room without saying a word.

Driving back to the El Nido, some missing piece of legwork nagged at me through my exhaustion.

I stood nervously holding the receiver while the woman did her work, shooting dirty looks to other El Nido residents who wanted to use the phone.

El Nido, this time to check the master file for Webster prefix phone numbers.

Russ dropped me at the El Nido, I dived onto the bed and into twenty-odd hours of pitch-black unconsciousness.

I dumped the El Nido master file in the garbage and thought about her.