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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nide \Nide\ (n[imac]d), n. [L. nidus a nest: cf. F. nid.] A nestful; a brood; as, a nide of pheasants. [Obs.]


n. a nest of pheasants

Usage examples of "nide".

But Jasentha Cliffwalker, daughter of a traditional Nide father, had chosen to live in what used to be Nide land.

Her Nide knowledge, her lithe strong body and natural grace meant she could move with ease and confidence through dark caves and tunnels, across precarious mountain faces.

Tombstone had once been the center of Nide territory, but Edward Schieffelin had changed all that.

Even if it had, she would not have cared to nide a public caravan to the palace and subject herself to the stares of barmaids and booksellers and other vulgar, common folk.

That a man could nide rrupt one high into the heavens left the locals astonished and awed.

Calvin had wanted stainless steel instruments, but the Tita nides could not make them.

Cornelu had no skill in magecraft, any more than a mage was likely to have skill in niding 220 Harry Turtledove leviathans.