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vb. 1 (context transitive English) To keep down or under. 2 (context transitive English) To press hard upon; straiten (applied to bounds). 3 (context transitive English) To pinch or starve with cold or hunger; stunt in growth. 4 (context transitive English) To harass; grill; plague; annoy.


The Nidder is a 68 km river in Hesse, Germany, and part of the Main- Rhine system.

From its source at Herchenhainer Höhe it flows down to Bad Vilbel where it meets with the Nidda. The Bonifatiusweg, the route taken to bring the body of Saint Boniface from Mainz to Fulda, runs along the right (north) bank of the river.

Usage examples of "nidder".

Moving around the area were small orange icons that Nidder had seen in security simulations, but only when they were running worst case scenarios to scare the wits out of new recruits.

The long, tall bounty hunter pulled a chair around where he could watch Thyne on the right and the doors at the left, but did so in such a casual way that it took Nidder a moment or two to recognize exactly what he was doing.

Kast looked directly at Nidder, then calmly crossed his right leg over his left.

As it was, Nidder could fully appreciate it -- though he was at a loss to explain why the artist had included gardening implements in the painting -- and smiled to let Kast know what he was missing.

When the nod was returned, Nidder even began to imagine that Kast might take him on as an apprentice, or even a partner.

In the nanosecond it took for the scarlet bolt to sizzle through his chest, Nidder realized Kast had positioned him so carefully and precisely because the bounty hunter wanted to kill him.

No, for Arl Nidder, dying as he slid to the floor, there was only one final thought.