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Nicky is a diminutive form of the name Nicholas and Nicole, occasionally used as a given name in its own right. It can also be used as a diminutive of Dominic. It may refer to:

Nicky (Avenue Q)

Nicky is a green fictional, Anything Muppet character from the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Avenue Q. He was originally portrayed by Rick Lyon. Nicky is a parody of Ernie from Sesame Street. He is green and has messy dark brown hair, an orange nose and wears a brown jacket that says " New York".

Rod, Nicky's best friend and former college roommate, is secretly in love with him. In "If You Were Gay", one of Avenue Q's most popular songs, Nicky, who is straight, encourages Rod to come out of the closet, but Rod refuses to admit that he is gay.

Usage examples of "nicky".

But Nicky had never played it with such a feeling of loss as Bitten did now.

Had he wanted a share of the estate that Bitten planned to wrest away from Nicky?

Nicky, eyes closed, limp as a bag of garbage, hands bound behind her back, bungee cord around her ankles, duct tape covering her mouth.

When they were still two hundred nautical miles from Table Bay, Centaine Courtney sent out a Courtney helicopter to pick up Sean and Isabella and Nicky.

Jeremy who had, Karp inside and Ernst out, Joey, the Winklemans, all moved unknowingly through the same ogre-like zone of silence, which made a necessary sacrifice of the Nickys and Sallys, leaving the less beautiful behind to pick at the bones of their discontent.

Nicky Kix, who had come by his street name because of his habit of kicking in the ribs and skulls of people after he had brought them down with a sawed-off shotgun.

As he loomed larger and larger in the light, seeming to make no sound as he moved toward them, Nicky Kix lifted the envelope with one hand and reached out with the other to accept the all-important disk.

Nicky Kix laid blunt fingers on it as longnailed fingers simultaneously snatched away the envelope.

Nicky Kix, rolling a toothpick around his mouth as he pushed the hard words out.

Jeter and Devin led Nicky Kix and his muscular entourage to their joint office, pushing aside plush Terrapin toys, edging past Terrapin arcade video games and cardboard movie-lobby standees.

Nicky Kix Stivaletta was destined not to have more than a minute and thirteen seconds remaining in his entire life.

Nicky Kix as he drew down on the advancing Terrapins with a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun he whipped out from under his coat.

Nicky Kix enjoyed the exquisite agony of having every water molecule in his cranium boil under an intense microwave bombardment.

Doc, Herb, Lind, Nicky, Lucia, Faoumathey survived by being tough, by being leaders.

Thanks are due in London to Nicky Lund, Mark Forstater, Nick Marston, Caradoc King, Alison Lumb, Peter Cregeen, Jonathan Powell and Jonathan Burnham.