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n. (plural of nick English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: nick)

Usage examples of "nicks".

Yeah, sure my face has a few nicks and dings but those just add character.

Tinnie got the most attention but simmered when I took a turn with Alyx or Nicks or Kittyjo—once, guardedly.

When I imagine people I pick them put together like Tinnie or Nicks or Tama Montezuma.

Would she ever be far off if Alyx or Nicks were close enough to cause palpitations?

After a somewhat cool greeting for me she fell into conversation with Lieutenant Nagit, who had been worshipping Nicks from across the room .

Alyx and Nicks had flourished under the gallantries of Lieutenant Nagit and Morley Dotes.

We’ll round up Tinnie and Nicks and go out to this romantic little ethnic place I know.

Yet, tonight, as he stood on Nicks front porch, the kid slouched with his hands stashed in his pockets, eyes wild and face pale.

Weston was a good six inches shorter than Nick and a skinny bit of a man compared to Nicks athletic build.

A trip made after his grandmother had pleaded, and necessary because Nicks father, Antonio, had refused to be at the old mans bedside.

Despite Nicks fury, she wanted to meet the woman who had just put him in his place.

The oldest member of Nicks team, Lloyd was also the most reliable next to Hal.

She wasnt quite sure she understood the complexities of her father and Nicks relationship, let alone explain them to an outsider.

She yanked off Nicks homemade bandage, revealing a twotothreeinch gash, puckered and smeared with blood.

At first, when she called Nicks and her father answered, she was surprised and relieved.