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n. (plural of nickname English)

Usage examples of "nicknames".

You have nicknames for everything—not to mention all those technical terms and ac ronyms.

Grown men didn't keep nicknames like Lucky well past adolescence for no reason.

He seemed capable of looking past the unruly hair that was falling into her own eyes, past the high neck of her shirt, past her near-permanent expression of slightly bored, slightly raised-eyebrow disbelief that she'd adopted after too many years of being given nicknames like Stinky.

Outlanders referred to the capital by even less respectful nicknames, such as Au Contraire, We Don’t Care, and So Unfair.

It made him more pleasant to work with than he’d been during the less eventful leg of their flight—he hadn’t cracked a single off-color joke, or invented any new, annoying nicknames for anyone—but it also made him more of a concern.

It made a stark contrast to the landing-site map he and Scotty had tacked up in their hangar at the spaceport, where all the official place-names of the Outland were scribbled over with one or more of the nicknames Sulu heard on his various journeys.

Like Sulu and Scotty, the chief technical officer kept track of the many nicknames settlers used in Llano Verde.

If no one out here wants his family name known, it stands to reason nicknames and Christian names would be used instead.

She opened her mouth to tell him what she thought of men who used condescending nicknames for women.

Hell, he was calling Sam Sam instead of SpongeBob or Pollyanna or one of those other humiliating nicknames that he usually used.