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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nicknack \Nick"nack`\, n. See Knickknack.


n. (alternative spelling of knick-knack English)


n. miscellaneous curios [syn: bric-a-brac, knickknack, knickknackery, whatnot]

Usage examples of "nicknack".

A little silk, a few weapons, a curiosity, a nicknack, comprise my stock.

The EMPEROR drops into a seat near her, and they remain in silence till he jumps up, knocks over some nicknacks with his elbow, and begins walking about the boudoir.

Two rickety but well-dusted tables were loaded with ancient nicknacks, dating from the early part of the second French Empire, with impossibly ugly little figures carved out of cheap alabaster, small decayed photograph albums, and ingeniously bad wax flowers under glass shades.

They had hardly exchanged a few commonplace words when two Indian girls made their appearance, offering all sorts of nicknacks for sale.

The massive interior was filled with antiques, overstuffed chairs, and nicknacks from some long gone era.

All I have is included in that small package, which contains a chemise, a pair of stockings, some handkerchiefs, and a few nicknacks.