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Usage examples of "nich".

There were something like forty thousand niches there, identified only by number.

 Along the tunnel to the outside, niches and natural stone shelves had been filled with small items such as blankets, flasks, and in one instance, a book.

His groping hands and feet found niches and knobs, precarious holds at best, and sometimes he virtually hung by his finger nails.

The walls everywhere sport hundreds upon hundreds of arched niches, each holding a white marble sculpture.

It was one hundred and fifteen meters long and was comprised primarily of buckycarbon girders, with wrinkled radiation-shield fabric wrapped around module niches, semiautonomous sniffer probes, scores of antennae, sensors, and cables.

The holograms in niches of scores and scores more gods and goddesses reinforced his hypothesis.

Which brings up my original comment about there being a reason for everything, including the surge in summer births, even though niches seem so few.

Oh, I guess there are still niches, Maia thought, watching the stern women move along, causing even members of the city watch to step aside.

Seabirds cried possessive calls of territoriality, warning others of their kind to keep away from private nesting niches, chiseled in the steep bluffs overlooking Grange Head harbor.

Maia recalled the var-trash romance novel she had read back in prison, about a world spun topsy-turvy, in which stodgy clans collapsed along with the stable conditions that had made them thrive, opening fresh niches to be filled by upstart variants.

Must be military specialist hives, subsidized in their niches by council security funds.

Always alert for possible niches, Maia wondered if this calmness at the edge of a cliff might hint a useful talent.

There were Yuquinn maids and Venn cooks and Buju handywomen, all of whom seemed nimble and content in their inherited niches, needing no command or incentive to anticipate every Persim whim.

Asher scratched a match that he took from his pocket, to light the wick of one of the few bronze lamps that still occupied the serried ranks of niches in the wall.

The age of the place, as much as the absence of lamps from the niches and mirrors from the walls, had told him what house he had been brought to.