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acr. network interface controller


Nic is a male given name, often short for Nicholas or Dominic. It may refer to:

Usage examples of "nic".

Like so many others, Nic was a transplant to the Sunshine State, and a recent one at that.

Without knowing the cause of her problem, Nic had anticipated its solution.

Heaven knew the Florida sun got brutal enough to fry human brains, but not in the season the natives called winter, so Nic called the derelict a waking dream, a brain-crampthe sort of mistake anyone could make and no reason not to finish her trek to the post office.

Twice during the long evening, Nic thought she heard the sounds of squirrels succumbing to corn and peanuts.

By that light Nic saw that both the curtains and the front door were still closed, exactly as she remembered leaving them.

The clatterthe loudest noise Nic had ever heardsurprised the kneeling woman who flung herself at the closed door.

Back inside, Nic closed the refrigerator, turned on a brighter light, and opened the box.

She could have said yes and ended the conversation, but Nic needed coffee before she could lie effectively.

While Nic watched and fretted, Bobby Walker tucked his second trap under the stairs to her front door and, after a vigorous shake of his head, walk back to his own home without knocking on her door.

When midnight came and went without commuNication from the civilized world, Nic shuffled into the kitchen, ready to wolf down some unhealthy snack on her way to bed.

Another squirrel hit the window hard enough to make Nic jump away with surprise.

When a third squirrel leaped from an overhead branch, Nic had had enough.

When Nic turned around, one of them was at the top of the steps, scratching at the door which was closed, but not completely shut.

Bobby Walker drove off with the squirrel traps and was still gone when Nic went shopping for a single can of beer and another of Vienna-style sausages.

Grabbing her broom handle, Nic raced down the corridor in time to see something dark and cat-sized dart behind the refrigerator.