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NIAC may refer to:

  • NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, an external NASA program that closed in 2007
  • NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts, an internal NASA program that began in 2010
  • National Indoor Athletics Centre, an indoor track and field athletics sports venue
  • National Infrastructure Advisory Council, a council of the United States Department of Homeland Security
  • National Infrastructure Assurance Council, replaced by the National Infrastructure Advisory Council as of the signing of U.S. Executive Order 13231
  • National Iranian American Council, an association of Iranian-Americans
  • Nebraska-Iowa Athletic Conference, an NAIA-affiliated college athletics conference
  • Non-International Armed Conflict, a type of conflict defined in International Humanitarian Law
  • Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California, the first and largest organization in the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group
  • Northern Ireland Assembly Commission, the corporate body of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Northern Indiana Athletic Conference, an IHSAA Athletic Conference based in South Bend, Indiana.
  • Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee, an organization that shares auditing services among its members