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NHI may refer to:

  • National Health Index (NHI) Number, a unique identifier used in the New Zealand health system
  • National Health Insurance, or a specific national scheme:
    • National Health Insurance (British Virgin Islands)
    • National Health Insurance Scheme (Ghana)
    • National Health Insurance (Japan)
    • National Health Insurance Scheme (Nigeria)
  • National Hispanic Institute, a think-tank focused on the leadership development of young Latinos
  • National Historical Institute, in the Philippines
  • Nederlandse Helikopter Industrie, a Dutch manufacturer of helicopters
  • New Horizon Interactive, a video games company, which has developed the popular Club Penguin MMOG
  • NHIndustries, a manufacturer of helicopters
  • No humans involved, a dehumanising police term used to describe or reference crimes committed against such people as prostitutes, drug addicts, and transients