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NGN can mean multiple things:

  • Next Generation Networking, broad term to describe some key architectural evolutions in telecommunication core and access networks that will be deployed over the next 5–10 years
  • The New Generation Network, British group and manifesto set up to challenge the current discourse of race relations in the UK
  • New Game Network, A popular Video Game review website
  • Nigerian naira, the ISO 4217 code for the currency of Nigeria
  • Non-geographic numbers, in the UK, telephone numbers not assigned to geographic areas or exchanges
  • Noida Greater Noida Expressway ( Delhi, India)
  • Nippon Golden Network, a Cable television network broadcasting Japanese programs in Hawaii, United States
  • Neurogenin are a family of bHLH transcription factors involved in specifying neuronal differentiation
  • The Ne0tech Gaming Nexus, A Gaming Community.
  • Netwerk Gebruikergroep Nederland, A Dutch network user group for IT professionals.