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n. A pungent paste made from fermented fish or shrimp in Burmese cuisine.


Ngapi ( or , . "pressed fish"), formerly also spelled ngapee, nga-pee, and gnapee, is a generic term for pungent pastes made of either fish or shrimp in Burmese cuisine. Ngapi is usually made by fermenting fish or shrimp that is salted and ground then sun dried. Many variations exist. Ngapi is a generic term which applies only to the content. Like cheese, it can be distinguished based on main ingredient and regional origin. Ngapi can be distinguished from the type of fish used to make it. Ngapi can come from whole fish (such as ngapi kaung), from small fish (mhyin ngapi) or from prawns. Ngapi is a main ingredient of Lower Burmese cooking and is used as a condiment or additive in most dishes. Raw ngapi is not intended for direct consumption.

In other parts of Southeast Asia, a Malay form of the sauce known as balachong or balachaung is more popular.