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Nez (singer)

Nezihe Kalkan (born 1979 in İzmir, Turkey), better known as Nez, is a popular Turkish dancer and singer known for her modern-oriental hybrid dancing style combined with techno-inspired pop music.

She spent a long time in the UK for education and after returning to her home country in early 2000s, she started performing regularly in a renowned jazz club in Istanbul with a unique show. She currently has two albums. She is an actor in the Fox Turkey's sitcom Sıkı Dostlar ("good friends") with Haluk Bilginer and Özkan Uğur.


Nez may refer to:

  • Nez (album), music album by Agnes Monica
  • Nezihe Kalkan (born 1979), Turkish performer (commonly known as Nez in Turkey and in Europe)
    • Nez (Nez album), music album by Nez
  • No-escape zone, the effective range of an air-to-air missile

Usage examples of "nez".

I could take soda and water, belch and feel better, Nez thought, as Sophie returned her attention to the tree in her lap.

It was the smallest gesture, but it kept Nez from the wine cellar again.

The sixth duke had died while Nez recuperated in Portugal from a concussion received during the second siege of Badajoz.

In the oddest way, Nez knew that Tony understood, and chose to be generous rather than jealous.

He handed Nez two pistols, wicked-looking things probably meant for road agents.

When her child was wrapped tight she touched his face again, and Nez felt an odd sensation of envy.

When she shook her head, Nez rolled his eyes and glanced at his butler with a half smile.

He did share her self-contained expression, which Nez thought unusual in a child not so far distant from babyhood.

Liria said under her breath, and Nez could have sworn that her dark eyes held just the hint of humor.

Sophie had rejected everything placed before her for dinner, Nez knew some force had singled him out for punishment.

Does she think I would harm him, or her, for that matter, Nez thought.

He has so little, Nez thought, covering the boy with a blanket, and yet, I have rarely seen a more cheerful child.

After he had assured Luster that he really could find a nightshirt all by himself, and then helped the man, who apologized with every step, to a cot in the dressing room, Nez took himself to bed.

I should be worried about this dreadful situation, Nez thought as he relaxed.

Luster would die if he knew, Nez thought, as he poured the contents down the hole.