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Over a span of several months or a few years, he could travel into the center of the Federation, to Nexal perhaps, by making several thousand of these minimal warp jumps.

The Lontastans shifted their capital from Nexal to what is presumed to be the world on which the creature was discovered, and which has been named Orrbaune.

In fact, my sole purpose for coming to Nexal is to try to discover why this nonsensical war exists in the first place!

Notification of arrivals on Nexal are always checked out, and yours was obviously fishy.

The truth was that Nexal, or any other Federation planet, had no data to offer that was not available on any Commonality world.

DOUGLAS NILES "Most Revered Counselor," Caracatl began solemnly, just a trace of a tremor in his voice, "the fire that burns in the sky above Nexal is indeed a sign, obviously from crimson Tezca.

Erix had managed to learn a little of the True World, for Huakal was a worldy man who had seen Nexal, Pezelac, and even the distant jungle lands of the Payit.