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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Away to the still-empty land beyond newsstands and malls and velvet restaurant ropes!
▪ I was told one flight was full, and left the gate to mooch around the newsstands.
▪ She hoped his maps were more up to date and accurate than the one she had bought at the newsstand.
▪ The first issue hit newsstands May 30.
▪ The premiere issue came out Wednesday but is not available on newsstands.
▪ The staff revolted, Elliott locked them out of the Time Out offices, and the magazine vanished from the newsstands.
▪ There was a big newsstand behind the policemen, and he thought of buying a paper.
▪ These cards have recently appeared on newsstands all over London.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1872, from news (n.) + stand (n.).


n. an open stall, often on a street, where newspapers and magazines are on sale to the public


n. a stall where newspapers and other periodicals are sold

Newsstand (application)

Newsstand was a built-in application on Apple Inc. iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It was dedicated to downloading and displaying digital versions of newspapers and magazines. It was replaced by News in iOS 9.

Newsstand (disambiguation)

Newsagent's shop, or Newsstand, is a business that sells newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, snacks and often items of local interest.

Newsstand may also refer to:

  • CNN NewsStand, a project to create CNN programming associated with publications owned by Time Warne
  • Newsstand (application), an iOS app which can download and display newspapers and magazines

Usage examples of "newsstand".

Many newsstand managers have also become pickier, sometimes refusing to display magazines that fall below a certain circulation figure-again, a figure usually higher than that of most genre magazines.

He visited prominent ufologists in New York and offered to finance a newsstand UFO publication.

Me All Over Mable, and the newsstand clerk at the Octagon says he expects to sell a thousand copies.

Noel Greer can go ahead and campaign for the Senate, but when my find hits the newsstands, his campaign will be shot.

If the first part of a serial is exciting, well written and grabs the reader, it is to be expected that a great many readers will then haunt the newsstands waiting for the next issue.

I looked everywhere for it, you should have seen me poking around the newsstands, they must have thought I was crazy.

It was raining when we reached Cresson, a wind-driven rain that had forced the agent at the newsstand to close himself in, and that beat back from the rails in parallel lines of white spray.

Headquartered in Denver, responsible for getting Webb's magazines prominently displayed on every newsstand between the Mississippi and the Pacific coast, Vinnie had instituted a reign of terror among wholesalers, distributors, truck drivers, and newsstand operators.

Next to it was a small newsstand, and what looked like a betting parlor beside that betting was legal in the state of New Jersey, an important source of revenue.

But by the time the FBI men had retrieved their weapons, Remo and Chiun were gone, down into a subway entrance, where Remo stopped to buy the bulldog edition of a morning paper at the newsstand.

Books not only appear in bookstores and the modern equivalent of the newsstand, but also at grocery stores, video stores, and discount department stores like K-Mart and Target.

The rack seemed sad and forlorn, if emotions could be ascribed to newsstands, and he found himself wondering what had happened to the risque fortune cookies in Ben Stockley's desk drawer.

When's the last time Americans rushed out to the local newsstand to get a story hot off the presses?

It was raining when we reached Cresson, a wind-driven rain that had forced the agent at the newsstand to close himself in, and that beat back from the rails in parallel lines of white spray.

There was a litter basket off to the left, by the door to the newsstand, which was closed and dark.