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Newsome is a village situated approximately 1 mile south of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. It is in the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees. The village lies at the centre of Newsome Ward to which it gives its name.

Newsome (surname)
Not to be confused with Newsom

Newsome is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Steve Newsome, (born 1975) Canadian Singer/Songwriter
  • Bree Newsome, American activist and filmmaker
  • Craig Newsome (born 1971), former American football player
  • Dick Newsome (1909–1965), American Major League Baseball player
  • Jon Newsome (born 1970), English former soccer player
  • Kevin Newsome (born 1991), American football player
  • Ozzie Newsome (born 1956), former American football player
  • Paula Newsome, American actress
  • Peter Newsome (born 1943), English glass sculptor

Usage examples of "newsome".

Carl Newsome might not have received an overdose when they were dishing out brains, but when they added the guts and aggressiveness, they spilled quite a lot extra.

What happened to Lew Page was pretty effective, and it may frighten Newsome into either getting back in line with us, or dropping his idea of hijacking the whole project for himself.

I thought: Well, Newsome needs to talk to Mants sometime, so why not now.

Lew Page, he now surmised, was working for Newsome, and he guessed further that these men were responsible in some way for what had happened to Lew Page.

There was a split between Mants and Newsome, a civil war, they had called it.

I knew a man named Carl Newsome, and demanded that I take him, Sanchez, to Newsome at once.

Look right at them, and ask them if they know Newsome has been bought off.

Tell them part of the deal Newsome made was that he was to scare his own men into quitting.

Lew Page said he had to get somebody with better connections than he had here in the States to handle the thing, and so he ran that Newsome thing in on us.

Ted Page was Newsome until after they kidnapped him last night, and when Ted Page broke down and admitted it, following my appearance on the scene, they made a deal with him--they would pay him off if he would get rid of his gang.

Ted Page, or Newsome, gave it to Gulick at the Kansas City airport, a much larger dose which worked very quickly.

Day by day, week by week, since he had saved the lives of Sam Newsome and his daughter Emily on May 15, Jim had found it increasingly difficult to involve himself in the ordinary routines and pleasures of life.

But having been in the control of a higher power since at least last May, when he had flown to Georgia to save the lives of Sam and Emily Newsome, he was disposed to think about God more than usual.

Joe Hauser, spotted that gypsy Newsome following Lisa Smith home from church this morning.

I spotted Howie Newsome break from the cover of some trees and run toward the last car of the train, carrying his suitcase.