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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a newly married couple (=having married not long ago)
▪ Many newly married couples cannot afford to buy their own homes.
newly established (=established very recently)
▪ He is a partner in the newly established company.
newly qualified
▪ How much is a newly qualified nurse paid?
newly/freshly converted
▪ newly converted feminists
newly/recently married (=married not long ago)
▪ The newly married couple arrived at their hotel.
▪ With such enjoyable and accessible music this could make a highly satisfactory set for demonstrating a newly acquired hi-fi system.
▪ An East Lancashire Railway worker directs the giant grit blaster at the bunker of their newly acquired Jinty to remove rust.
▪ One of its first acts is to hook a newly acquired bank into its own computer systems.
▪ In the tank I have a newly acquired pair of Lamprologus brichardi and a pair of Neolamprologus multifasciatus.
▪ Rank wanted to be sure of an international market for their newly acquired product.
▪ Using these newly acquired turning skills the board can be lined up into the secure position from which you can start sailing.
▪ Sheldukher, absorbed in his map, seemed not to have noticed its newly acquired air of placid servitude.
▪ In each lexical domain, children appear to make the same assumption: newly acquired words contrast with those already known.
▪ Shchapov was only one of the newly appointed professors whose inaugural lecture hinted at a political programme.
▪ Bro., newly appointed Superior of the Centre, received the cheque from Bishop and expressed thanks to all.
▪ May I present my newly appointed assistant, Doctor Masters?
▪ You may be a newly appointed manager who needs to acquire management skills quickly.
▪ He had been the newly appointed Head of the Fiana, eighteen years old, heady with the power of it.
▪ An energetic builder and engineer, he made use of innovative designs and newly available materials, such as india rubber.
▪ I can call myself lucky because streptomycin, the miracle drug, is newly available.
▪ If market rates now rise, there will be instruments newly available with the higher return.
▪ There are newly available seats for two extra sessions of volleyball and individual portions of the five-sport modern pentathlon.
▪ And the authors tapped newly available materials about the Soviet Union.
▪ A newly born child enjoys that status.
▪ If injury is negligently caused to a newly born babe, liability in negligence arises.
▪ The newly born goats were kept in a pen under her bed.
▪ When the cubs are very small they feed quite extensively on newly born rabbits.
▪ All newly born tapirs are covered with stripes and spots as camouflage.
▪ Some newly discovered thelodonts suggest that, at least some, were markedly compressed laterally.
▪ The amnesty was reportedly requested by the newly elected local councils of Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachbari.
▪ All the predictions were that the meeting at Downing Street between newly elected political opposites would be difficult.
▪ The newly elected prelate still needed ecclesiastical consecration before he could exercise his pastoral functions.
▪ The day after he took office, the newly elected president, Nicéphore Soglo, was rushed to hospital in Paris.
▪ Partition led to the migration of ten million people across the newly established borders.
▪ He saw little hope of achieving this by gradual measures or appeals to newly established unity.
▪ This is where the newly established Foundation for Paper Research has stepped in.
▪ Meanwhile newly established caretaker committees for each party were to start electing new leaderships and organizing national conventions.
▪ After Preston's death he received appointment as one of the regular justices of the newly established assize circuits in 1274.
▪ The newly established Legations protested and the introduction of the fast-growing eucalyptus obviated the necessity.
▪ A number of firms may also have had problems in achieving the synergies expected of newly formed structures.
▪ Imagine that a newly formed trust advertises units for sale to savers.
▪ These local committees were supplemented in the autumn of 1921 by the newly formed peasant Committees of Self-Help.
▪ This will not usually be a concern where a newly formed company acquires Target containing capital losses, as on a buy-out.
▪ During the initial phase, newly formed mast cell components such as histamine, serotonin, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes may be released.
▪ This was only undoing her newly formed resolution to hate him.
▪ Here she reported on his involvement in the newly formed dairy co-operative and of the development of his on-farm yoghurt production process.
▪ The scream didn't last long in the newly formed vacuum.
▪ Roads built to reach newly founded Roman colonies and to transport armies by-passed long-established cultural centres, leaving them to decay.
▪ In 1891 he also became, socially speaking, the central figure of the newly founded Rhymers Club.
▪ In 1847 Leslie became honorary secretary of the newly founded Amateur Musical Society, and from 1855 its conductor.
▪ The newly founded Military Miscellany acquired a readership of 6,000 in a few months by adopting an openly reformist position vis-à-vis the army.
▪ This, in outline, is the situation facing the government of the newly independent state.
▪ These problems reveal the contradictions within the newly independent society, particularly the contradictions between the new rulers and the masses.
▪ Now they have asked the Government of the newly independent former Soviet state to intervene.
▪ But a new category of political refugee was emerging in the newly independent states of the ex-colonies.
▪ It was agreed to supervise the volume of trade between the newly independent countries by means of monthly meetings between Finance Ministry representatives.
▪ But no one there had ever heard of the Arektenje area of Jaffa where the newly married Damiani had bought his home.
▪ It was hardly a situation conducive to producing a relaxed and committed rugby player, just newly married.
▪ She might be only acting the part of a young lady newly married, but she did it superbly well.
▪ Two days after the plan was announced, Mr Resende took the newly minted package to creditors in Washington.
▪ Some newly minted salesmen and saleswomen have been laid off from other jobs.
▪ But its newly minted dual-containment policy may reckon without the Middle East's rare talent for opportunistic alliances.
▪ He's a newly minted law school graduate from Long Island.
▪ Cray liked to hire talented but newly minted engineers.
▪ As newly qualified teachers ourselves, and I can recommend it as stimulating rewarding and fun!
▪ The reforms would mean lower pay for newly qualified officers.
▪ I intend to use the report to review the present arrangements for the induction of newly qualified teachers and in-service training.
▪ Dear Anne Molly likes to introduce all the newly qualified teachers at the Reunion.
▪ Even the newly qualified teacher manages time, pupils, resources and the curriculum within the classroom.
▪ Infections newly acquired during this tail will therefore be under selection pressure.
▪ The median clearance time of newly acquired human papillomavirus was 6 months.
▪ One of his red-letter days was the time we took him for his first ride in our newly acquired Rolls-Royce.
▪ She returned to the restaurant and put her newly acquired knowledge to work.
▪ The tour also visits several conservancy preserves, including newly acquired Watson Brake Mounds, one of the oldest mound complexes known.
▪ Its future is assured, thanks to the support of newly appointed headteacher Robert Powell.
▪ Emygdius' ability to evangelize created such a stir that the newly appointed bishop was beheaded.
▪ Five members were newly appointed including two women.
▪ But the newly appointed national security adviser has been assiduously built into a prominent player in the Bush team.
▪ In March 1981 the office-holders of the association decided to invite the newly appointed Ambassador Popov to lunch.
▪ Workshops and initiatives for the newly arrived civil engineers, tile-makers and labourers did not materialise.
▪ Several hundred thousand newly arrived cars and trucks have turned Tirana into a cacophony of novice drivers, congestion and accidents.
▪ I knew that the press was doing a selling job when we supported a newly arrived unit from Hawaii.
▪ Finally, with sword in hand, Juan takes his case before the newly arrived local judge.
▪ Primo senses she has said these exact words to newly arrived visitors before.
▪ Visitors were forbidden, in order to prevent coaching of the newly arrived.
▪ Younger black families were moving up from Watts and settling by working-class white families newly arrived from the South and the Midwest.
▪ Home inspectors conduct inspections of newly built homes to check that they meet all regulatory requirements.
▪ Median prices for newly built and existing houses and condominiums rose a modest 4. 2 percent to $ 174, 000.
▪ He would not, however, authorize research using newly created lines.
▪ The newly created position will report directly to Black.
▪ He found just the right person for his newly created slot of research associate.
▪ The newly created Reclamation Service exerted a magnetic pull on the best engineering graduates in the country.
▪ He also will take the newly created title of vice chairman.
▪ Already in the background there were the significant achievements of the newly developed science of geology.
▪ But my newly developed confidence and self-assurance had yet to be tested.
▪ In other words, the effect of economic development on democracy is lower in newly developed and developing countries.
▪ He was wrong. Newly discovered papers reveal that behind his bumbling front Betjeman was an exceedingly good spy.
▪ The government often overreacts to newly discovered dangers and pours disproportionate resources into hastily conceived remedies.
▪ Some years later Newton, using his newly discovered law of gravity, proved that all objects must orbit in elliptical paths.
▪ A newly discovered memo indicates the first lady ordered the firing, although she has denied any involvement.
▪ It was a monument to the newly discovered Parkinson's Law.
▪ Or could that most newly discovered of all scientific miracles, electricity, be brought into play?
▪ Since at least 17% of hypertensives were newly discovered, at least 46% of confirmed cases were being treated insufficiently.
▪ The key feature of many of the newly discovered caves is their relative inaccessibility.
▪ Abacha took power in a military coup in 1993 after the newly elected Moshood Abiola was deposed by a rival general.
▪ In September 1981 the newly elected President Mitterrand came to London.
▪ The previous week, we learned that newly elected Rep.
▪ Porras found an astute ally in newly elected President Alvaro Arzu, a pragmatic businessman with an instinct for building consensus.
▪ The newly elected mayor said he has plenty to do in his own job, which he began two weeks ago.
▪ Opposition figures expressed concern that this timescale would not give newly emerging political parties sufficient time to establish themselves.
▪ The accumulation of gold and silver was the goal of every mercantilist, especially of the rulers of the newly emerging countries.
▪ Several hon. Members have spoken about the dangers of instability in the newly emerging eastern democracies.
▪ Take the newly emerging right to die, which may be a good idea.
▪ Despite these recent scenes of winter, there they were: the first snakes of the year, newly emerged from hibernation.
▪ Still further down the slopes, we came to stone walls and ancient apple trees among a newly emerging forest.
▪ A planting medium in a newly established tank or in an aquarium with a small number of fish is poor.
▪ Several newly found motifs have renewed our pilgrimage in recent days, though they have not made the task lighter.
▪ This might have been another attempt deliberately to embarrass the newly formed association.
▪ And you can drive along the newly formed fissures that are the stretch marks of the birth of the seabed.
▪ The newly formed society of Jesuits were fanatical witch-hunters but even the great reformers were not far behind.
▪ The newly formed opposition coalition insisted it was the majority and kept the original day and time.
▪ He went to the newly formed Baltimore Colts in 1953, where he stayed until 1961.
▪ The newly formed bridge companies encouraged competition to keep down prices.
▪ Yet newly formed global corporations in the emerging world are also gradually beginning to locate facilities in the developed world.
▪ The proceeds from the newly issued bonds were generally invested by investment bankers in U. S. Treasury securities and placed in escrow.
▪ Sandoz shareholders will end up with 55 percent of the newly issued shares, and Ciba stockholders will get 45 percent.
▪ In fact, Robinson was newly married at the time of his hiatus from coaching.
▪ Despite all this, competition for licenses in newly opened markets is intense.
▪ I looked about with newly opened eyes.
▪ The 1996 legislative races turned out to be particularly important because of newly opened seats due to term limits.
▪ The newly opened International Museum of Cartoon Art will make sure of that.
▪ The newly opened blossoms with their delicious nectar were the best.
▪ Systems development was concentrated in the newly released Field Base package for service engineer operators.
newly/freshly minted
▪ Because she made it look effortless, improvised-newly minted.
▪ But its newly minted dual-containment policy may reckon without the Middle East's rare talent for opportunistic alliances.
▪ Cray liked to hire talented but newly minted engineers.
▪ George W Bush steps freshly minted into that line.
▪ He's a newly minted law school graduate from Long Island.
▪ Some newly minted salesmen and saleswomen have been laid off from other jobs.
▪ The twilight sky was lavender and dark enough that Venus was out, hung above a freshly minted sickle moon.
▪ Two days after the plan was announced, Mr Resende took the newly minted package to creditors in Washington.
▪ A newly married couple have moved into the house next door.
▪ Mr Chandler is now director of the company's newly formed publishing division.
▪ The group meets regularly in the newly built Chinese community center.
▪ Imagine that a newly formed trust advertises units for sale to savers.
▪ In truth she rather feared this newly prosperous newly confident Stephen.
▪ Jacinto is anxious to share his newly inherited fortune with Mariano.
▪ Poisoning from tobacco, insect sprays, or a newly painted room is the cause of many fatalities.
▪ This was followed by the barely perceptible rustle of snow crystals hitting the newly exposed portion of the roof.
▪ To access the newly created variables, the pointer variable followed by a ê gives us the variable pointed to.
▪ Workshops and initiatives for the newly arrived civil engineers, tile-makers and labourers did not materialise.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Newly \New"ly\, adv.

  1. Lately; recently.

    He rubbed it o'er with newly gathered mint.

  2. Anew; afresh; freshly.

    And the refined mind doth newly fashion Into a fairer form.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English niwlice "lately, recently;" see new + -ly (2). Similar formation in German neulich, Danish nylig, Swedish nyligen.


adv. In a new manner.


adv. very recently; "they are newly married"; "newly raised objections"; "a newly arranged hairdo"; "grass new washed by the rain"; "a freshly cleaned floor"; "we are fresh out of tomatoes" [syn: recently, freshly, fresh, new]

Usage examples of "newly".

Topping it off, the newly merged company was still struggling through the basics, including the selection of its independent accounting firm.

In the latter part of April, 1919, the Executive Committee of the Socialist party of Italy resolved to sever its connection with the International Socialist Bureau and the Berne Conference, in which there were many reactionary Socialists, and to affiliate with the newly established Moscow International, consisting of the various National groups of Socialists giving whole-hearted support to Lenine and the Bolsheviki.

By this latest allonge to the Sacred Covenant Priestess Poogli agrees to permit an all-out food-netting in her newly discovered preserve at the bottom of our universe.

He had been fired when the anatomist discovered him copying newly made diagrams to sell to other doctors.

As of January 1, 2002, 18 newly confirmed cases of anthrax had been identified in the eastern United States and 5 people had died of the disease.

So far as I could see no one of the Marn government was present to greet us, though at least 80 of the people in the car were newly arrived immigrants.

Cyan Gem, the middle sisters, had earned honors in science at Newmarch University and won research assistantships at the core-star observatory, studying the newly emergent planetics.

Prairie grabbed a kettle of institutional tomato soup, carried it on in, and for the next couple of hours she also schlepped racks of newly washed cups and dishes in and bused dirty dishes out, cleaned off tabletops, poured coffee, going from one set of chores to another as they arose, sensing partial vacuums and flowing there to fill them, unable to help noticing that people were taking seconds on the Spinach Casserole, and the baloney too.

When deciding where to deposit these newly gotten gains, more than a few educated heads turned toward the far-off safety of Switzerland and to the private banking division of the United Swiss Bank.

They passed through a prosperous bourgeois neighbour hood, where the newly rich merchants bedizened their dwellings with ifilled and gilded cupolas, silvered wrought iron lace work and hideous painted statuary.

It was whiter than bleached bone, but here and there were glimmerings, like gems of the same berylline color as the sky, life within the monolith, revealed to Riane, so newly come to this creased and pitiless realm.

Two fierce old women supervised the process, discussing them as bluntly as if they were newly acquired donkeys.

As he spoke, he stopped,--they were walking down a quiet side-path under the wavering shadow of newly bourgeoning beeches, and a bright shaft of sunshine struck through the delicate foliage straight on his serene and handsome countenance.

The massive reef in the distance, perceptible in the dark, that gigantic base of my tomb so newly begun on the banks of the Tiber, suggested to me no regret at the moment, no terror nor vain meditation upon the brevity of life.

It smote the bishops who had executed the royal plans, widowed the newly wed sister of the queen, and adjured the Count of Vermandois to return to his lawful wife on pain of excommunication and interdict on all his lands.