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a. (archaic spelling of new English)


Newe may refer to:

  • Paul Newe
  • G. B. Newe
  • Gerard Newe
  • Castle Newe

Usage examples of "newe".

I heard, I desired to heare some newes, and said, I pray you masters make me partaker of your talk, that am not so curious as desirous to know all your communication : so shall we shorten our journey, and easily passe this high hill before us, by merry and pleasant talke.

Incontinently after the sorrowfull newes of the death of Lepolemus, came to the eares of all the family, but especially to Charites, who after she had heard such pitifull tydings, as a mad and raging woman, ran up and down the streets, crying and howling lamentably.

The souldiers say many of your officers maintaine their families out of that you sent us, and that Newport hath an hundred pounds a year for carrying newes.

But Scudamour whose hart twixt doubtfull feareAnd feeble hope hung all this while suspence,Desiring of his Amoret to heareSome gladfull newes and sure intelligence,Her thus bespake.

The better part now of the lingring day,They traueild had, when as they farre espideA wearie wight forwandring by the way,And towards him they gan in hast to ride,To weet of newes, that did abroad betide,Or tydings of her knight of the Redcrosse.

When Calidore these ruefull newes had raught,His hart quite deaded was with anguish great,And all his wits with doole were nigh distraught,That he his face, his head, his brest did beat,And death it selfe vnto himselfe did threat.

Which when I red, my heart did inly earne,And pant with hope of that aduentures hap:Ne stayed further newes thereof to learne,But with my speare vpon the shield did rap,That all the castle ringed with the clap.

When this newes came to Jamestowne, much was their sorrow for his losse, fewe expecting what ensued.