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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Newcome \New"come`\ (n[=u]"k[u^]m`), a. Recently come.


Etymology 1 a. Just arrived; lately come. Etymology 2

n. 1 A stranger newly arrived; a new-comer. 2 (context dialectal English) The time at which any fruit comes into season.


Newcome may refer to:

  • Frederick Clive Newcome, (1847–1894), English Landscape painter, chiefly in watercolours
  • Henry Newcome (1627–1695), English nonconformist preacher and activist
  • James Newcome DL (born 1953), the current Bishop of Carlisle in the Diocese of Carlisle
  • John Newcome (died 1938), Irish politician
  • Peter Newcome (1715–1779), English educator and Fellow of the Royal Society
  • Peter Newcome (antiquary) (1727–1797), English cleric, known as an antiquarian
  • Richard Newcome (1701–1769), English bishop of Llandaff and bishop of St Asaph
  • William Newcome (1729–1800), Englishman and cleric of the Church of Ireland
  • William Newcome (cricketer) (1813–1897), English clergyman and a cricketer
  • Newcome Cappe (1733–1800), English unitarian divine

Usage examples of "newcome".

When we visit the Charterhouse School, and see the old forms where the boys sat nearly a century ago, we have in our minds Colonel Newcome as really as we have Charles Lamb and Coleridge and De Quincey.