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Usage examples of "newar".

Ngor, an influential centre founded in 1429, was decorated by Newar painters.

Tibet of Newar craftsmen from Nepal where copper statuary has long been traditional particularly because copper gives a better surface for fire-gilding.

Lost wax casting is still practised in Nepal, where it was probably brought from India, and is traditional among certain classes of Newar craftsmen.

As there is abundant evidence that Newar artists worked in Tibet from an early period it may be assumed that their methods, which have come to differ slightly from the Indian, were also used by them in Tibet and adopted by their Tibetan imitators.

These Newar techniques may well go back to a considerable antiquity and the same may be true of their application in Tibet.

A distinctive feature of Newar wax casting is the production of the image from separate parts which are fitted together after casting.