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The meadows were a good place for an herbman to find new stock, and old Nevyn went there frequently.

With a cold clutch of dweomer knowledge, Nevyn knew that soon he would be watching two men fight over a woman that neither could rightfully have.

Eldidd coast, Nevyn had been wandering the kingdom and searching for the child who held his Wyrd in her soul.

One of the men screamed at Nevyn to get off the road and out of the way.

As Nevyn rode toward them, he realized with a sense of absolute amazement that the young lord at their head was ordering them to get off the road and let the aged herbman pass by.

The lad was only about ten, dressed in the blue, silver, and green plaid of Aberwyn, and easily one of the most beautiful children Nevyn had ever seen.

Luck and twice luck, Nevyn told himself, thanks be to the Lords of Wyrd!

When Nevyn thought of young Lord Rhodry, he saw an image of the lad clearly, wrapped in his plaid cloak by a campfire and eating a chunk of bread while his men sat nearby.

Rhodry would be drawn together, and now Nevyn knew where to find Rhodry.

Rhegor and Nevyn went inside their cabin, a single light airy room, scented with new-cut pine.

Yet here and there, Rhegor had given Nevyn work bearing more directly on dweomer-lore.

Although Nevyn had always had the Sight, it came and went of its own will, showing him what it chose to show and not a jot more.

With one last effort of will, Nevyn went in, hearing a little rushy hiss, a dropping sensation in his stomach, and at last he was standing beside Rhegor on the floor.

When he remembered the happy night of her betrothal, Nevyn felt such a stab of pity for her that the Vision broke.

He tended the mule, then came into the hut where Nevyn, steaming with curiosity, was laying out their evening meal.