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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

surname and masc. proper name, from Irish/Gaelic Naomhin "little saint."


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Nevin (surname)

Nevin is a surname of Irish ( Gallowglass) origin. Two etymologies are given. It may originate from Cnamhín, derived from Cnamh, "a bone", possibly a nickname in reference to the first chief of the clan who was a bony or large-boned man. Secondly, it may be an Anglicisation of the Irish Gaelic form MacCnaimhín / Ó Cnaimhín / MacCnaomhín / Ó Cnaomhín or Ní Chnáimhín / Ní Chnáomhín (female), meaning "Little Saint" or "Saintly" / "Believer in Saints" / "Religious".

Usage examples of "nevin".

Malthus immediately wondered how someone as young as this mon could have become their lawgiver: he looked to be in no more than his late teens, and the last time Malthus heard, the lawgiver for this place was Nevin Scarface.

She had felt so dreadful leaving while Jane was still in such a tizzy about the prospect of Squire Nevins entering their little family.

Dylan for years had clung to this one face, bent over the slates as though they were sheets of Spirograph paper on the floor of his room, not noticing until too late that they were part of an edifice which curled past Bond and Nevins Street, into the unknown.

Meyers, Sally Mitchell, Ellen Moody, Barbara Mortimer, Jess Nevins, Rosemary Oakeshott, Judy Oberhausen, Jeanne Peterson, Sian Preece, Angela Richardson, Cynthia Rogerson, Mario Rups, Herb Schlossberg, Barbara Schulz, Malcolm Shifrin, Helen Simpson, Carolyn Smith, Rebecca Steinitz, Matthew Sweet, Ruth Symes, Carol L.

Nevins dissents: "It's a silly debasement of what may well be Woolrich's greatest novel.

I was the most beautiful girl in the junior class, perhaps in the whole school, unless for my rival, the lovely senior in anthropology, Elicia Nevins.