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Nevil may refer to:


  • Alex Nevil (born 1965), American actor and younger brother of Robbie Nevil
  • Dwight Nevil (born 1944), American professional golfer
  • Robbie Nevil (born 1958), American pop singer-songwriter/producer/guitarist

Given name:

  • Nevil Brownjohn GBE KCB CMG MC (1897–1973), Quartermaster-General to the Forces
  • Nevil Dede (born 1975), Tirana's current coach and a former football defender
  • Nevil Macready, GCMG, KCB, PC (Ire) (1862–1946), British Army officer
  • John Nevil Maskelyne (1839–1917), English stage magician and inventor of the pay toilet
  • Nevil Maskelyne FRS (1732–1811), the fifth English Astronomer Royal
  • Nevil Maskelyne (magician) (1863–1924), British magician and inventor
  • Nevil Story Maskelyne (1823–1911), English geologist and politician
  • Henry Nevil Payne (died 1710), dramatist and agitator for the Roman Catholic cause in Scotland and England
  • Nevil Shed, American basketball player
  • Nevil Shute (1899–1960), British novelist and aeronautical engineer
  • Nevil Sidgwick (1873–1952), English theoretical chemist who contributed to the theory of valency and chemical bonding

Usage examples of "nevil".

Occupying was the operative word, since it was very unlikely that he was doing any work, his chief interest in life being to write poems of an originality so pristine that only Nevil himself could understand them.

While he was still engaged with the Exchange, Nevil Bennet strolled in, clad in his usual outrageous tweed, a pinkish shirt, and a purple tie.

When he had seen them out of the door and into their car, he called Nevil into his room and picked up the receiver to talk to Aunt Lin about packing a bag.

All his cliches were here: form, rhythm, colour, total gesture, design, impact Or would Nevil see only a row of suburban gardens - only Meadowside Lane, Aylesbury, with some Woolworth plants in the gardens?

If she knew how many things Nevil had taken up and dropped in his time she might not be so pleased to be the latest of them.

What was clearly a snort came from Nevil where he was sunk in an easy chair.

Robert had grown quite used to running through his morning post to a Nevil obbligato.

But today Nevil came in at the appointed time, went into his own room, shut the door firmly after him, and, if the pulling in and out of drawers was any evidence, settled down to work at once.

Nevil was out on business, but Nevil was not much of a moral support at any time.

He suggested to Nevil that between them they might sort and catalogue the records in the attic and perhaps make a book of them.

They even found, in his living quarters, a blown-up photoprint picture of Nevil Ormm, draped in black.

Rooms near New Bond Street, with Mason waiting to hear about the Engagement in America, and Nevil Maskelyne on the Eve of sailing off upon the Barbados Trials of Mr.

Nevil seems to miss the life, sleeping or drinking in the daytime, starting to come alive around Dusk, quickening with the Evening Shift.

In 1849 his second son, Nevil, a singularly repellent person who seemed to combine the surliness of Philip Jermyn with the hauteur of the Brightholmes, ran away with a vulgar dancer, but was pardoned upon his return in the following year.

Nevil Jermyn died in the successful defence of his own two-year-old son, who had apparently been included in the old man’s madly murderous scheme.