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Neva (disambiguation)

Neva is a river in northwestern Russia.

Neva may also refer to one of the following:

  • Neva, a Russian codename for the Soviet S-125 Neva/Pechora surface-to-air missile system
  • Neva, Mazandaran, a village in Iran
  • Neva, Wisconsin, a town in Langlade County, Wisconsin, United States
  • Neva (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community in Langlade County, Wisconsin. United States
  • Neva Corners, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community in Langlade County, Wisconsin, United States
  • Neva (1802 Russian ship), a ship originally called Thames, purchased and renamed by the Russians
  • Neva (1813 ship), a three-masted English barque
  • Neva Shoal, a shoal in Hawaii
  • Neva Morris (1895–2010), American supercentenarian
  • Nihon Ethics of Video Association, also known as "Viderin"/"Biderin", a former ratings organization of the Japanese video industry
  • Neva (horse), a British Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Nèva, a place in the Noana valley.
  • Neva (magazine), a Russian magazine formed during the Soviet era
Neva (horse)

Neva (foaled 1814, died after 1837) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse, which in 1817 became the first filly to win both the 1000 Guineas at Newmarket Racecourse and the Oaks at Epsom Downs Racecourse. In a racing career which lasted from April 1817 until May 1818 she ran four times and won twice.

Neva (magazine)

Neva is a Russian literary magazine, founded in the Soviet era.

Usage examples of "neva".

There had been Neva caviar with blinis, still hot on their napkins, St.

Three ladies sitting there, sir, one crippled and feebleminded, another crippled and hunchbacked, the third not a cripple, but too smart, sir, a student, longing to go back to Petersburg and search for the rights of the Russian woman, there on the banks of the Neva.

Melissino and I were present at an extraordinary ceremony on the Day of the Epiphany, namely the blessing of the Neva, then covered with five feet of ice.

Somebody, Mita Bean, and Neva Hoydova are cooling their heels at a cattle call.

You know we've been picking up microwave radiation from the Neva as it passes near the Hermitage in St.

When Halloween came each year my Aunt Neva piled me and my brother into her old tin lizzie to motor out into October Country to gather cornstalks and field pumpkins.