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Nev or NEV may refer to:

  • Nev, a shortened form of the given name Neville
  • Nev, a common abbreviation of the U.S. State of Nevada
  • nev, the ISO 639-3 language code for the Nyaheun language native to Laos

Usage examples of "nev".

The khepri in Armada, like those in New Crobuzon, must be descendants of refugees from the Mercy Ships, worshipping what was left, what they remembered, of the Bered Kai Nev pantheon.

Thunderstruck, Nev watched her go, and the men with him muttered warning comments.

He reined in when he reached Nev, his jaw set as he looked at his foreman.

He would take it up with Nev later, though already his anger was fading.

Faced with a smile like that, no wonder Nev had caved in and let her do what she wanted.

Nev drove the Mercedes over while one of the other men brought an extra horse for Nev to ride.

Edie catching her at the front door as Nev and another man helped John down from a horse.

He shrugged away from Nev and caught Michelle with his free arm, hugging her to him.

John messing up his pretty face, then waited while John gave Nev detailed instructions.

She called Nev to come pick them up, then hung up the phone with hands that had become damp.

This exercise gave double benefit, refreshing Kilon and allowing young Nev Art room to run off excess energy in a manner not likely to earn him a sharp rebuke from his grandmother.

Big Nev, the night security guard for the Copelands Health Spa, is hopping from foot to foot and trying not to heave his supper into the pool.

I doubt they pay well enough to get Big Nev out of his chair at the front desk more often than that.

Copelands, and would have been the first one to call, but Big Nev is intimidated by him, which means he avoids him wheNever possible.

I know they can do it by looking at the security videos, and hope Big Nev pulled the tape like I told him to.