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Crossword clues for neutrals


n. (plural of neutral English)

Usage examples of "neutrals".

But it was moderate in tone, considering the glittering circumstances, and shrewdly conceived to win the support not only of his own people but of the neutrals and to give the masses in England something to think about.

German Foreign Office about alleged contacts with various British diplomats and personages, sometimes direct, sometimes through neutrals such as the Franco Spaniards.

British prestige, confidence in British efficiency and power among neutrals has gravitated dangerously in the direction of zero, while admiration for Germany has correspondingly risen.

The very formulation of these rules for neutrals shows that the decisive thing is the conflict, the friend-enemy disjunction.

If the Great Powers were at war, neutrals had as a matter of practice, few rights.

If small powers were engaged in a war, and the Great Powers were neutral, neutrals had many rights.

The British order in council of the 7th of January, prohibiting neutrals from trading to any port in the possession or under the control of the enemy not being efficient, additional orders were issued, on the 11th of November, declaring every port from which England was excluded to be in a state of blockade, and all trade in its produce illegal, and liable therefore to be captured.

Subsequently, a bill, brought in by the chancellor of the exchequer, for regulating the orders in council, as they affected neutrals, was carried through both houses.

You and your comrades have the secret task of converting them from neutrals to genuine allies in our Holy Jihad.

Indians and Neutrals still seized every opportunity of attacking the English in the interior parts of the peninsula.

As neutrals, the Dutch, for whom commerce was the blood in their veins and seafaring as ocean navigators their primary practice, became the essential providers, and St.

Germany protests to neutrals against seizure of Germans on neutral merchant ships.

Remember, the Neutrals are found only a few rods from Acheron, the first river of Hell.

Canto Three, the Neutrals, had taken place three or four days after the murder of Justice Healey.

In the anteroom of Hell, Greene guided Teal through the land of the Neutrals, where the Great Refuser, the worst offender there, could be found.