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abbr. neuter

Usage examples of "neut".

Then I was torn away from the thing and there were other people there, throwing stones at the Neut, thrusting at It with the butts of their spears.

Cappie half-turned at the sound of my voice, and in that moment, the Neut lunged.

If she had followed through, she would have run straight into the blade that the Neut thrust at her, stomach height.

Cappie, the Neut was still out there somewhere, ready to impale me on Its knife.

Neut, Cappie and I stood dripping in a widely spaced triangle: me against one bank, Cappie against the other, the Neut in the middle, several paces downstream.

The Neut managed to parry the attack with Its knife, but not entirely.

Cappie had no room to swing her weapon around for another attack, and the Neut was raising Its blade.

Cappie was at a disadvantage: pressed up against the bank, she had no space to move for better leverage, while the Neut had a weight advantage.

Immediately, Cappie leaned over and punched the Neut in the face, bare knuckles into soft cheek.

I bucked up my supper, vomit splashing warmly on my hands, the Neut, the mud.

The Neut slumped, not from the punch but the smoke, and all three of us collapsed helplessly onto the mud, tears streaming, bile dripping down our chins.

He shoved himself in front of the Neut and turned to face me, his hands raised and pointing toward me like a wrestler waiting to grapple.

The Neut nearly flew onto the bank, scrabbling forward on hands and knees to avoid landing on Its face.

I turned back toward the creek, knight and Neut were gone, leaving only broken reeds to show their path.

The Patriarch said that choosing Neut is no different than choosing to be a thief or a killer.