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Neuse may refer to following, all in North Carolina:

  • Neuse, North Carolina
  • Neuse River
  • Neuse Township, Wake County, North Carolina
  • Neuse Correctional Institute
  • Neuse Forest, North Carolina
  • Cliffs of the Neuse State Park

or to the Confederate States Navy ship:

  • CSS Neuse

Usage examples of "neuse".

The main room—a combination living room, den, and dining room—runs the full width of the house, with a glass wall at the far end that opens onto a deck overlooking the Neuse River.

I regret very much that the boats on the Neuse & Roanoke are not completed.

In 1710, a Swiss entrepreneur named Baron Cristoph von Graffenried founded the settlement of New Bern at the confluence of the Neuse and Trent rivers in North Carolina.

Just because there was a ferry across the Regnitz at Neuses, the administration installed in Bamberg by the king of Sweden had decided that their little villages were to be combined, turned into a town and administrative headquarters for all of southern Bamberg, and outfitted with the appropriate amenities.

Then we double back not quite to Gerolzhofen and head south to someplace called Neuses am Sand and then someplace called Prichsenstadt.