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n. 1 (context Scotland English) A corner; a nook. ''A fairy fiddler frae the neuk, [nook]'' - "Robert Burns", by William Allan Neilson (1917) 2 (context Scotland English) A bend (e.g. in a coast) ''…the fleet, after exploring the harbours, had doubled the '''East Neuk''', passed safely through St Andrews Bay, and entered the Firth of Tay. --Chronicles of Strathearn (1896)'' - Rev. John Hunter.

Usage examples of "neuk".

When he gained the foot of Candlemakers Row, a crescent of tall, old houses that curved upward around the lower end of Greyfriars kirkyard, water poured upon him from the heavy timbered gallery of the Cunzie Neuk, once the royal mint.

Traill know of the internal highway through the old Cunzie Neuk at the bottom of the Row?

Presently there was a tap-tap-tapping of crutches on the heavy gallery that fronted the Cunzie Neuk, and on the stairs that descended from it to the steep and curving row.

From the rude loophole of a window that projected from the old Cunzie Neuk, the crippled laddie could see only the shadowy tombs and the long gray wall of the two kirks, through the sunny haze.

He had come north by the Leith packet, and, falling in with Eben Garnock in that port, had been set across the Firth in the summer night, and had reached his destination when the first cocks were crowing in the East Neuk farms.

The Neiporte clan is not thick on the ground in the East Neuk of life, but there was one, forename Walter, listed as residing at Grizelda Cottage, Main Street, Pittenweem.

She put the spinning-wheel into the neuk window-stand and the woo-wheel against the wall.

Ray had risen from her seat at the fire, and was placing one of the candles upon a small table that stood before the neuk window.

After a week, or less, they made a bed for her in a room adjoining the kitchen, and once a day they put her in a great arm-chair and wheeled her into her place by the neuk window.

Regaining some momentary composure, the girl turned her eyes once more aside and looked through the neuk window towards the south.

Rotha walked to the neuk window and stood to think, her hand on the wheel and her eyes towards the south.

On one occasion, it having been supposed by Peter that the Captain had gone to the East Neuk of Fife, weeks elapsed, we remember, ere he was found sitting dead, just as if he had been alive, in his usual attitude in his arm-chair, commanding a view of the precipice of the back court.

For the purpose, it is said, of keeping the men at home, a rumour circulated over the East Neuk, to the effect that the steamer and all on board were to perish in a fearful gale.