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Neuer may refer to:

  • Neuer (surname)
Neuer (surname)

Neuer is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Hillel Neuer, Canadian activist
  • Manuel Neuer (born 1986), German football goalkeeper
  • Tacks Neuer (1877–1966), American baseball player

Usage examples of "neuer".

The middlemost of them did beare a braunch of coorrall, lyke a tree, such as is not founde amongst the Ilandes Orchades, of one cubite high, which stoode as vppon a little mountayne, which was the couer of an old fashioned vessell of pure gold, in forme of a Challyce, as high agayne as the couer and the tree of coorrall, full of curious workmanshippe and leafe worke, neuer made in our age, nor the like seene.

Vielleicht--noch ehe du dein Gluecke wirst gewohnen, Noch ehe du es durchempfunden hast-- Flieht einer von uns nach in die verklaerten Zonen, Fuer dich ein alter Freund, und dort ein neuer Gast.

If the musicke kepte still one time, those eyght vnyforme pawnes did spende the time in marching forwardes into an other checker, neuer comming backe vntill that worthily without touch or appalement of courage, they had leapt vppon the line of that square where was the residence of the Queene, proceeding straight on, vnlesse she tooke a prisoner by a Diagonick line.

Yet with a lincious eye, I neuer left to examine, with great delight, the extreame beautie of the excellent Nymph, disposing my selfe to her sweete loue, with an vnfallyble, obstinate, and firme resolution.

Fourth Reich, with Maas the superhuman leader, Der Neuerer Grossfuehrer!

Well, on this sorte my burning concupiscence nothing allayed, as much as I might, I comforted my languishing hart, vnmeasurably tormented, in putting of it in minde, of solacious and amorous hope: and with that, there was neuer a coale so neere put out, but it was presently renued and set on fire, with the company of the next.

Nowe they which will looke higher, they see a Figure in a tryne aspect, and the higher that they goe towardes the toppe, where the vnion of the three is, be they neuer so wise, their vnderstanding is vnperfect: and although that they see it, yet they knowe not what they see, but that there is such a thing, in comparison whereof, they are fooles, theyr power weake, and themselues nothing.

This plaie sore displeased the cardinall, and yet it was neuer meant to him, as you haue heard.

Der Tod eines Freundes Hat, neuer Himmelsbuerger, sich Dein geistig Ohr nicht schon des Klagetons entwoehnet, Und kann ein banges Ach um dich, Das hier und da ein Freund bei stillen Traenen stoehnet, Dir unterm jauchzenden Empfangen Der bessern Freunde hoerbar sein, So sei nicht fuer die Welt, mit unserm Schmerz zu prangen, Dies Lied: es sei fuer dich, fuer dich allein!

An apt and conuenient stone to so excellent disposition and royall board and straunge banquets, suche as before were neuer heard of.

And when on the treeless Neuer Markt a gust of wind had ruffled his mane, he reached for the little brush in the ample pocket of his jacket and, while publicly dressing his astonishing hair, quickly acquired an audience: housewives, schoolchildren, ourselves.

Gronke, the pharmacist, has a pharmacy on Neuer Markt that carries everything, corrosive, narcotic, and septic poisons.

In which his worke he had sixe seruants prest,About the Andvile standing euermore,With huge great hammers, that did neuer restFrom heaping stroakes, which thereon soused sore:All sixe strong groomes, but one then other more:For by degrees they all were disagreed.

Thou art confessed so clene, beknowen of thy mysses, And hat3 the penaunce apert of the poynt of myn egge, I halde the polysed of that ply3t, and pured as clene As thou hade3 neuer forfeted sythen thou watz fyrst borne.

So both attonce him charge on either side,With hideous strokes, and importable powre,That forced him his ground to trauerse wide,And wisely watch to ward that deadly stowre:For in his shield, as thicke as stormie showre,Their strokes did raine, yet did he neuer quaile,Ne backward shrinke, but as a stedfast towre,Whom foe with double battry doth assaile,Them on her bulwarke beares, and bids them nought auaile.