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'''Neu! ''' (trademarked NEU! in block capitals, , ) was a German krautrock band formed in D├╝sseldorf in 1971 by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother, after their split from Kraftwerk. Though Neu! had minimal commercial success during its existence, the band is retrospectively considered one of the founding fathers of krautrock and a significant influence on a variety of subsequent rock, post-punk, and electronic music artists.

Neu! (album)

Neu! is the debut album by German krautrock band Neu!. It was recorded in December 1971 at Windrose-Dumont-Time Studios, Hamburg, Germany, mixed at Star-Musik Studio, Hamburg, Germany, and released in 1972 by Brain Records. It was reissued by Gr├Ânland on May 29, 2001 and then licensed to Astralwerks for US distribution. This was Rother and Dinger's first recording together after they left Kraftwerk in 1971. They continued to work with Konrad "Conny" Plank, who had been producing the Kraftwerk recording sessions.