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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Netty \Net"ty\, a. Like a net, or network; netted. [R.]


Etymology 1 a. Like a net, or network; netted. Etymology 2

alt. (context Geordie English) toilet n. (context Geordie English) toilet


Netty may refer to:

  • Netty Kim (born 1976), Canadian figure skater
  • Netty Witziers-Timmer (1923–2005), Dutch athlete
  • North East England ( Geordie) dialect for toilet or public convenience
  • Netty, a Java project for asynchronous I/O
See also
  • Natty (disambiguation)
  • Nitty (disambiguation)
  • Nutty
  • Westoe Netty
Netty (software)

Netty is a non-blocking I/O (NIO) client-server framework for the development of Java network applications such as protocol servers and clients. The asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools are used to simplify network programming such as TCP and UDP socket servers. Netty includes an implementation of the reactor pattern of programming. Originally developed by JBoss, Netty is now developed and maintained by the Netty Project Community.

Besides being an asynchronous network application framework, Netty also includes built-in HTTP, HTTP2, DNS and more protocols support, including the ability to run inside a servlet container, support for WebSockets, integration with Google Protocol Buffers, SSL/ TLS support, support for SPDY protocol and support for message compression. Netty has been actively developed since 2004.

As of version 4.0.0, Netty also supports the usage of NIO.2 as a backend, along with NIO and blocking Java sockets.

Usage examples of "netty".

Although he and the Old Man had been friends before he killed himself on the autobahn, there had never been an invitation to the house for Netty.