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n. (plural of net English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: net)


Nets may refer to:

  • Nets Group, a Danish/Norwegian electronic payment services company
  • Brooklyn Nets, an NBA basketball team
  • Cricket nets, for practising batting and bowling techniques
  • Informal term for net curtains

NETS as an acronym may refer to:

  • Network for Electronic Transfers, a cashless payment system in Singapore
  • Newborn Emergency Transport Service, an Australian medical service
  • New English Translation of the Septuagint, a translation of koine Greek scriptures
  • National Engineers Training Services, a computer institute in Lahore, Pakistan
  • New Europe Transmission System, a proposed joint natural gas transmission network
  • Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS), an evangelical seminary in Israel
  • Neutrophil extracellular traps
  • Singh Program in Networked & Social Systems Engineering (NETS), a degree program offered by the University of Pennsylvania

Usage examples of "nets".

Her own monitors had been doing their job, erasing any signs of her occasional fully wired forays onto the main nets, and there was no sign that this new Trouble, whoever it was, had been using her nodes as a staging area.

Evans-Tindale Bill codifies the various provisions of the Nunberg Act, and creates a new entity within the Treasury Department that will have enforcement responsibility on the nets, replacing the patchwork system currently in place.

Power rides her fingers, she moves from datashell to datashell, walking the nets like the ghost of a shadow, her trail vanishing behind her as she goes.

Winchester, for one, scrawny and greying, who had been on the nets since the invention of the dollie-slot, and was syscop, the on-line legal authority, for one of the official public spaces.

The brainworm did give you an advantage on the nets, let you use the full range of your senses, not just sight and sound, to interpret the virtual world.

Twenty minutes in realtime, not the subjective time of the nets, was ridiculously long.

Going straight, moving out of the shadows into the bright lights of the legal world, the legal nets, would be difficult: they, none of them, had the corporate connections to become the sort of consultant that would let them go on paying their bills, and none of the other jobs that were open to freelancers were particularly challenging, or particularly well-paid.

The override of the presidential veto of Evans-Tindale has brought consternation to the nets, a result not unexpected among those of us who have walked the nets for the past decade.

Despite attempts at self-policing, the nets have long been a lawless place, a haven for a criminal minority as well as for the law-abiding majority.

ON THE nets tonight, riding the high data like a cowboy, the plains of light stark around her.

She stared at them for a long moment, held by an illusion of meaning, the deceptive gnosis of the nets, where every shape held a dozen contrary secrets.

But off the nets, the images were random, and to demand more was a step toward lunacy.

That moved the stranger out of the hordes of crackers who infested the nets and into an elite group, the far smaller number of netwalkers, legitimate and not, who had had a brainworm installed.

Stay, she says, and strides out toward the gateway, heading for the main nets and the information she needs.

The lines of the nets expand before her, roads and rivers of data like glowing highways, she chooses one, not quite at random, and lets it carry her down toward the BBS.