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Netra (Norddeutsche Erdgas Transversale) is a long natural gas pipeline system in Germany, which runs from the Emden and Dornum natural gas receiving facilities at the coast of North Sea to Salzwedel in eastern Germany, where it is connected with the JAGAL pipeline. The pipeline is extended to Berlin through the rough the Salzwedel–Berlin connection.

Construction of the Netra pipeline was agreed in 1994 and the pipeline was commissioned in 1995. Originally it run from the Etzel gas storage in Oldenburg to Salzwedel. In 1999, after commissioning the Europipe II pipeline, the NETRA pipeline system is extended from Etzel to Dornum. The compressor station near Wardenburg was built in 2003.

The pipeline is owned and operated by NETRA GmbH Norddeutsche Erdgas Transversale & Co KG, a joint venture of E.ON Ruhrgas (41.7%), Gasunie Deutschland (29.6%) and Statoil (28.7%).