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Nete (river)

The Nete ( Dutch, in French: Nèthe) is a river in northern Belgium, right tributary of the Rupel. It flows through the Belgian province of Antwerp. It is formed in Lier, at the confluence of the rivers Grote Nete and Kleine Nete. It flows through Duffel and joins the river Dijle in Rumst to form the river Rupel.


Nete may mean:

  • Nete (river), in northern Belgium
    • Grote Nete
    • Kleine Nete
  • Nete language, spoken in Papua New Guinea
  • Nete (mythology), one of the three muses of the lyre that were worshipped at Delphi. Her sisters were Mese and Hypate
Nete (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Nete was one of the three Muses of the lyre that were worshipped at Delphi, where the Temple of Apollo and the Oracle were located. Her name was also the lowest of the seven notes of the lyre. Her sisters that were worshipped along with her were Hypate and Mese. These three muses were comparable to the original three, Aoide, Melete, and Mneme. Alternatively, they were Cephisso, Apollonis, and Borysthenis, which portrayed them as the daughters of Apollo.