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net worth

n. The total assets minus total liabilities of an individual or a company.

Net worth

Net worth (sometimes called net or wealth) is the total assets minus total outside liabilities of an individual or a company. Net worth is used when talking about the value of a company or in personal finance for an individual's net economic position.

Put another way, net worth is any asset owned minus any debt owed. Net worth can be a negative number if one's debt owed is greater than the value of the assets owned.

Net Worth (2000 film)

Net Worth is a 2001 drama film that starred Todd Field, Craig Sheffer, Daniel Baldwin, Michael T. Weiss, Tara Wood, Ernie Garrett, and Alix Koromzay. It was directed by Kenny Griswold from a script written by Kenny Griswold and Bill Kerig.

Net Worth (1995 film)

Net Worth is a 1995 television film that starred Aidan Devine, Al Waxman, R.H. Thomson and Kevin Conway. It was directed by Jerry Ciccoritti from a script written by Don Truckey, Phil Savath, David Cruise and Allison Griffiths. Screenplay by David Cruise.

Net Worth (film)

Net Worth (film) may refer to:

  • Net Worth (1995 film), a 1995 Canadian television film about Ted Lindsay's fight for hockey player's rights
  • Net Worth (2000 film), an American 2000 drama film

Usage examples of "net worth".

The most recent statement of net worth drew a gasp Cathy decided to add the money manager to the Christmas card list.

But neither of us could possibly spend the money we already have fast enough to keep our net worth from increasing hand over fist, so what's the point in squeezing the last drop of blood out of a turnip just to keep score or count coup?

His own personal net worth was in the hundreds of millions of American dollars, stored in various banks around the world, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and most recently, the Bahamas.

An anonymous, coded bet amounting to my entire available net worth at the time of decision—.

Whatever the bellhop thought about Ned's taste, the range of his net worth wasn't in question.

In a few months, I've been able to multiply my net worth by a factor of several thousand.

Oda's primaryappeared to be that of nervous spectator, as if he hadhalf of his net worth on whether Miranda or Mr.

Oda's primary function appeared to be that of nervous spectator, as if he had wagered half of his net worth on whether Miranda or Mr.

We went up to our little room, tired and hungry and I reflected on the irony of having twenty billion in net worth and being unable to order takeout Chinese food for lunch.