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n. (plural of nest English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: nest)

Usage examples of "nests".

Although our Aussie wasps are pretty docile, they take a dim view of their nests being moved.

Nest of Nests before the hjjks understand what is happening to them, and slay their Queen of Queens like the loathsome thing She is, and scatter their forces on the winds.

The Nest of Nests, it is, the great one far in the north, not the subsidiary Nest where Nialli Apuilana had lived during her brief few months of captivity.

She encompasses all the Nest and all the subordinate Nests as well in Her overflowing outpouring of love.

Together they would have descended hand in hand into the Nest of Nests, down into that warm sweet-smelling mysterious realm beneath those distant plains.

To the Nest of Nests, the great one where the Queen lives, in the far north.

Now he feels his disembodied consciousness approaching the Nest of Nests, ablaze on the northern horizon like a second sun.

This was not very different except in size from the sort of nests the ants and termites of the forest built for themselves.

He sees the smaller Nests here and there and across the face of the planet, each of them tied to all the rest, and to the great central Nest, by the powerful force of Nest-truth that radiates from the immensity that is the Queen of Queens.

Now, though, the invaders were approaching the first of the lesser Nests that rimmed the frontier of the true hjjk domain.

What she seeks is the Queen: the Queen of Queens, indeed, in Her lair at the Nest of Nests, in the cold bleak northlands.

And out of the depths of the Nest of Nests comes an answer from the great motionless pallid thing that lies hidden there.

From Nialli Apuilana to the Queen goes an image of the terrain that surrounds the Nest of Nests, as she knows it must be, though she had never seen it with her own eyes: hard sparse plains, broad endless grayness under an unforgiving sky.

Squirrels are known to line their nests with cedar needles, possibly because of their insect repellent qualities.

They are master architects, building nests of wondrous design and symmetry, complete with air-conditioning systems.