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NESI, or Net-centric Enterprised Solutions for Interoperability is a joint effort between the United States Navy’s Program Executive Office for C4I & Space and the United States Air Force’s Electronic Systems Center. It provides implementation guidance which facilitates the design, development, maintenance, evolution, and use of information systems for the Net-Centric Operations and Warfare ( NCOW) environment. NESI has also been provided to other Department of Defense (DoD) services and agencies for potential adoption.

NESI comprises six parts, each focusing on a specific area of guidance. NESI provides guidance, best practices, and examples for developing Net-Centric software. The overall goal is to provide common, cross-service guidance in basic terms for the program managers and developers of net-centric solutions. The objective is not to replace or repeat existing direction, but to help translate into concrete actions the plethora of mandated and sometimes contradictory guidance on the topic of net-centric compliance and standards.