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Nervi is a former fishing village 12 miles Northwest of Portofino, now a seaside resort in Liguria, in northwest Italy. Once an independent comune, it is now a quartiere of Genoa. Nervi is 7 km east of central Genoa.

Usage examples of "nervi".

To Salvatore Nervi she was Denise Morel, which was a common enough surname for there to be plenty of Morels in France, but not so common that the name set off subconscious alarms.

Killing Salvatore Nervi meant using either poison, or a massive weapon that would also kill any others nearby.

She could see only the goal in front of her: Salvatore Nervi was going down, and so was the rest of his organization.

Then the CIA would be hot on her trail, and the Agency had resources Rodrigo Nervi could only dream about.

Rodrigo Nervi was notoriously suspicious, and not apt to jump at any partnership.

Privately, Frank thought the end of Salvatore Nervi was good riddance.

Salvatore Nervi, with a fleet of steel-reinforced cars and protected entrances.

Anything involving the Nervi organization required study and preparation, because the layers of security were so dense.

Her motivation for killing Salvatore Nervi was the deaths of a couple of her friends and their adopted daughter a few months ago.

Later in the day he would check out the Nervi lab, eyeball the layout and more obvious security measures, but right now he wanted to go where he figured Lily Mansfield was most likely to be.

The operative on location believed she was preparing for yet another strike against the Nervi organization.

His personal security was as tight as he could humanly make it, but what about the Nervi holdings scattered around Europe?

Aside from everything else, word would reach the streets that Rodrigo Nervi had been bested-and by a woman.

I want the Nervi organization broken up, destroyed, made a pariah in the business world.

If Nervi was really smart, though, he would have the specs instead of letting the security company keep them.