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n. (context organic compound English) A monoterpene alcohol ''(Z)-3,7-dimethyl-2,6-octadien-1-ol'' found in many essential oils


Nerol is a monoterpene found in many essential oils such as lemongrass and hops. It was originally isolated from neroli oil, hence its name. This colourless liquid is used in perfumery. Like geraniol, nerol has a sweet rose odor but it is considered to be fresher.

Isomeric with nerol is geraniol, wherein the double bond is trans. Nerol readily loses water to form dipentene. Nerol can be synthesized by pyrolysis of beta-pinene, which affords myrcene. Hydrochlorination of myrcene gives a series of isomeric chlorides, one of which converts to neryl acetate.

Usage examples of "nerol".

On Nerol, machines do everything and some of them look just like people.

Topaz had to admit that everything smelled nice on Earth, much better than on Nerol, and the air was clearer, without any red in it.

Wondering about the differences between Earth and Nerol, she fell asleep.

Or maybe it was an earthquake drill, like the kind they had on Nerol near the equator.

On Nerol there would have been police robots, and they would have come quickly to see what was the matter.

One picture was of a state fair that Topaz had been to on Nerol when she was seven.

Topaz was asked to stand up and tell the class about Nerol, as she expected.