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Nerl may refer to:

The acronym NERL can refer to:

  • National Equal Rights League, oldest American organization dedicated to black liberation
  • National Exposure Research Laboratory, a division of the United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Newark-Elizabeth Rail Link, a light rail line proposed in the American state of New Jersey
  • NorthEast Research Libraries consortium, an association of 28 libraries in the American region of New England

Nerl is also the name of two rivers in Russia:

  • Nerl River (Volga) is a river in the Yaroslavl and Tver Oblasts, tributary of the Volga.
  • Nerl River (Klyazma) is a river in the Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, and Vladimir Oblasts, tributary of the Klyazma.
Nerl (urban-type settlement)

Nerl is an urban-type settlement (township) (since 1927) in Russia, Ivanovo Oblast, Teykovsky District, the administrative center of Nerlian urban settlement.