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Usage examples of "nerk".

Like a nerk, I forgot this vital question, pocketed the wodge and went on my way tiredly rejoicing.

Farmer, persuade a frame out of the stingy old nerk to help Prac out, and eeled towards the door.

Not such a nerk after all, lying here with that alert bright orb steady on me.

I liked that eighteenth-century Milanese brooch Miss Palumba was wearing, though some nerk had tried to restore it with platinum.

In April 1960, in another short-lived incarnation, John and Paul performed together as the Nerk Twins.

John and Paul had performed as the Nerk Twins in a previous pub they ran, and had visited them in Ryde.

I decided to give the nerk one hour more, then make my own way as best I could.

Steerforth, the nerk, breezed ahead, ostentatiously pausing to admire his reflection in the wall mirrors every so often.

The nerk called Larch, like me lacking splendipherins, had tarted himself up in dark leathers, obviously borrowed to impress.

I could make out the pale shirts and collars of the nerks around the arena.

I fired the engine and we moved off to a clatter of tins tipsy nerks had tied to the rear bumper.

I mmmhed to show I thought the same, though quite honestly these nerks who forever delve into fictional characters as if they were real people annoy me.

Leung and Ong, my silent watchful Laurel and Hardy nerks in their limousine, might have been cherubs once upon a time.

Veronique yabbered into some phone while I tried to find the seat belt, seemingly a triumphant account of their recapture of some wayward nerk.