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The Collaborative International Dictionary

The Nerii were an ancient Gallaecian Celtic tribe, living in the north of modern Galicia, in the Costa da Morte region. Celtici Nerii are mentioned for the first time on a tombstone on the grave of a Galician nerio called Tássionos, in a Tartessian inscription from the Bronze Age.

[J.1.1] ‘Fonte Velha 6’ lokooboo niiraboo too araiai kaaltee lokoo|n ane narkee kaakiisiin|koolobo|o ii te’|e(be)e tea|siioonii ‘invoking the Lugoues of the Neri people, for a nobleman of the Celtae/Galtai Galicia: he rests still within; invoking every hero, the grave of Tasiioonos has received him.’ See John T. Koch A Case For Tartessian as a Celtic Language. ActPal X = PalHisp 9, 344.