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Neri or NĂ©ri may refer to:

  • Saint Philip Neri, patron of many Catholic churches and Oratory Schools
  • Neri, Iran, a village in West Azerbaijan Province
  • Neri River, a river in Ethiopia
  • Neri (grape), another name for the French wine grape Grolleau
  • Neri, a main character in the series Ocean Girl
  • Neri di Bicci, artist
  • National Environmental Research Institute of Denmark
  • Neri, a starchy substance used in the manufacture of Japanese washi paper, derived from the root of the plant Abelmoschus manihot (tororo aoi)

People with the name Neri:

  • Neri (surname) -- surname Neri
  • Neri (name) -- given name Neri

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Neri (surname)

Neri is the surname of an Italian noble family. They came to prominence in the 12th century in Lucca, Tuscany. The earliest reference dates Jewish background to the times of the Prophet Baruch.

Neri (name)

Neri is women's and men's first name of obscure origin.

In Biblical origin meaning light of God. In Hebrew meaning my burning light and in Greek origin meaning Ocean Spirit.

Similar version:

  • Neria meaning mine in Basque language.
  • Nerice meaning from the sea in Greek language.
  • Nerida meaning Sea Nymph; Daughter of Nereus in Greek Mythology.

Usage examples of "neri".

The colored ones, including gold, silver and sympathetic inks are mostly repetitions of those of Neri and Caneparius.

Such strange ones: Kent Zacharias, Nerita Tracy, Sybille Klein, Anthony Gracchus, Laurence Mortimer.

Mortimer, Gracchus, and Nerita had long since arrived in the other cab and were in an identical suite one floor below.

She strode to the window and looked out, half expecting to see Jorge arguing with Nerita and Laurence in the courtyard.

Sweating, saying little, the hunters move in single file, first the porters with the guns and supplies, then Gracchus, Zacharias, Sybille, Nerita constantly clicking her camera, and: Mortimer.

He sat with Mortimer and Nerita, picking at his meal, while their conversation flowed past him at several times the speed of thought.

Then Mortimer said something maddeningly oblique, and Nerita replied with the same off-center mystification, and Mein once more was plunged into the river of their easy dancing wordplay, down into it, down and down and down, and as he struggled to keep from drowning, as he fought to comprehend their interchanges, he never once looked toward the place where Sybille sat, not even once, and congratulated himself on having accomplished that much at least in his masquerade.

Now it is the morning of the third day after his awakening, and he has guests: Sybille, Nerita, Zacharias, Mortimer, Gracchus.

Formally they embrace him, first Gracchus, then Nerita, then Mortimer.

Mortimer and Nerita are off to Mexico to tour the ancient temples and pyramids Zacharias is going to Ohio, to his beloved mounds.

Leaving Nerita in the river that night was just like putting Lilah here down on the kitchen floor and expecting her to fend for herself.

She stood for several minutes on the edge of the water, at once anxious to avoid Nerita and yet fearful of not finding her.

She remembered what the infant looked like, with what horror that form and visage had filled her, how alien Nerita had felt when she had held her in her arms.

And Mama and Nerita were alike the way you and I are alike, do you understand that?

There were two seafolk that Tagalong did not recognize: a triton and a nerien.