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Nérée may refer to:

  • Carel de Nerée tot Babberich (1880–1909), Dutch symbolist artist who worked in the decadent style of Aubrey Beardsley
  • Nérée Arsenault (1911–1982), Canadian politician and forest engineer
  • Nérée Beauchemin (1850–1931), French Canadian poet and physician
  • Nérée Boubée (1806–1862), naturalist, entomologist, geologist, author and a professor at the University of Paris
  • Nérée Le Noblet Duplessis (1855–1926), politician in the province of Quebec, Canada
  • Nérée Tétreau (1842–1911), notary, land owner and political figure in Quebec
  • Pierre-Nérée Dorion (1816–1874), Quebec land surveyor and political figure