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n. (context organic compound English) citral


Neral may refer to:

  • An isomer of Citral
  • Neral, India – A town in Raigad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra
  • A Romulan from Star Trek

Usage examples of "neral".

Blade knew instinctively that these were the Neral pirates Brora had mentioned.

In the Ocean, however, also stood the island of Neral, somewhat to the north of their present position.

Neral pirates singlehandedly, a southern army could gobble up all the Four Kingdoms and the island of Neral as easily as a cat gobbles up a mouse.

The pirates of Neral were indeed waxing stronger and fiercer each month and year, as Brora had said.

But it would take far more than one affair of mutual slaughter to beat back the threat from Neral forever.

Enough gold to make nine Neral pirate captains sacrifice their chances of glory and loot to make a more effective assault.

Blade was contemplating the road by which he had traveled to his new status as a pirate of Neral, or at least a candidate for the status.

When we reach Neral, I shall ask some worthy Brother and Captain to take me on as mate and teach me the ways of the sea.

And he also saw why Neral had never been taken or even seriously threatened since the Brotherhood had made it their base some hundred or more years before.

The more he saw of the fortifications of Neral, the more he realized how justified the pirates were in their casually arrogant assumption that the island was impregnable.

During the nearly three weeks of the voyage to Neral, Blade had seen something far short of friendship but close to mutual respect growing up between the two tough sailors.

After a few hours of watching their notions of amusement, Blade knew he would have to get free of Neral as soon as possible before his own revulsion caused him to make some slip that would sign his death warrant.

The island of Neral had once been the great sacred place of the Serpent Cult, the school of its priestesses, the breeding place of the sacred serpents.

But a hundred years ago, when the Brotherhood seized Neral and began making it their fortress, the Serpent Priestesses had decided to send some of their number among the pirates and see what might be done with them-or to them, if it came to that.

It also gave him more time to consider how best to make his escape from Neral and somehow contrive to make his way to the shores of Royth with Alixa and Brora.