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It seemed that Flach and Weva were the naturally sexed forms, while Nepe and Beman were emulations from neuter stock.

One corner boasted a clump of velvety green catnip, bordered by a lower growing variety of Nepeta with grayish green foliage.

Little Yard, which turned out to be a quadrangle the length of a football field, with ancient trees on a lush green lawn bordered by boxwood hedges and big red-orange poppies blazing amid beds of lavenderish blue nepeta and crisscrossed by worn walkways that looked as if they had been there forever.

Avon has one moon, Nepeta, 3,000km in diameter, with an orbital altitude of 437,000km.

Forel reported to Barel in the globe, who relayed the news to Nepe, verifying what the rovot was sending to the other side.

Thus you are not ignorant of the singularly aphrodisiac effect produced by the Nepeta cataria, vulgarly called catmint, on the feline race.

The calyx tube has fifteen ribs, a distinguishing feature of the genus Nepeta, to which this species belongs.

The odor released from the crushed leaves of Nepeta cataria, as this small mint plant is known, seems to affect only members of the cat family, lions and tigers not excepted.