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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nep \Nep\, n. [Abbrev. fr. Nepeta.] (Bot.) Catnip.


n. catmint, catnip; ''Nepeta cataria''.


NEP or Nep may refer to:

Usage examples of "nep".

They were greeted by Bhose and Nep, and neither grunt tried to disguise his relief.

Gleadeg, Kestix, Liffin, Nep, Eldo, Zoda, Orbon, Prooq, Noskaa, Vobe and Bhose.

Francis standing, allowing Nep and Flora, who seemed to know there was a friend in the house, to make an entrance and introduce themselves.

Uncle Nep thoughtfully patted the soft mud with his fore foot and wagged his short tail leisurely from side to side.

So the queen and Uncle Nep, with Keo swimming between them, set out upon their journey.

The black man began swimming toward the right bank, but there he saw Uncle Nep and half the royal tribe waiting to stamp him into the soft mud.

Regarding the solar system simultaneously from both limbs of Nep tune, he perceives the planets and the sun stereoscopically, as though in binocular vision.

Since several nations were still trying to obtain them, the extension of NPT was one of my most important nonproliferation objectives.

NPT, possibly because the polo and sports car afficionado with the posh accent lacks the diplomatic gloss appropriate to this sensitive enterprise.