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n. (plural of neon nodot=1 English) (the fish, neon tetras)

Usage examples of "neons".

The neons threw back the encroaching darkness, turning their corner of the sky the pale, streaked hues of the inside of a clam shell.

I drove on past the gaudy neons and the false fronts behind them, the sleazy hamburger joints that look like palaces under the colors, the circular drive-ins as gay as circuses with the chipper hard-eyed carhops, the brilliant counters, and the sweaty greasy kitchens that would have poisoned a toad.

Imagine the thing forms a grid of streets, if you like, and these neons are the traffic lights.

The machine tries to block your path by building one of its own in the East-West direction-the little neons light up to tell you which way it wants to make a move.